Sunday, January 16, 2011

My New TG Comic Blog

Hi! This is my new blog. Unlike my other blogs ( look over to the right ---> ), this one is not a caption blog. I love captioning and will continue to write them, but I also love drawing and art and comics, so this blog will be devoted to my simple attempts to create illustrated stories and comics. Of course, the themes of the stories will almost always be about men who grow breasts or get turned into women with big breasts. I might even have a few of them end up giving blow jobs to big husky men just to please Jack.

Speaking of Jack: You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for a while. One reason is that I have been working on my first story. I am just learning how to use Poser and Paintshop Pro and Manga Studio, and every time I learn a new trick that improves my technique, I have to go back and apply it to all the work I have already done. It's a slow process.

The second reason I haven't posted anything for a long time is Jack. I let him stay over here at my house while he recovers from his back surgery. He can't really move around much while he heals. That's fine; he's a sweet guy and I love him, but he's constantly going "Honey! Can you make me a sandwich?" or "Honey! Can you get me another beer?" or "Honey! Can you give me a blow job?" I mean, really, I can't get any work done.

Here are the first two panels of my first story. It's about a teenager who escapes the bullies at his school by dressing as a girl and living with his cousin at her school. I'm keeping them small as a teaser so hopefully you will come back. They may even change again as I keep learning new skills.

Thanks for waiting! See you soon!