Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fitting In Chapter One - New Character

This is a new character that will appear in Chapter Two or Three, not sure yet. I am experimenting with it now so it will be ready when I get that far in the story. It is also something I worked on last month - still no new work in July yet.

He is a crossdresser who Jamie meets through a friend at high school. In this picture he is wearing breastforms that I still need to design so I can show them outside his bra. The picture below is what he night look like in a dress. The dress is not a conforming prop so I had to adjust it quite a bit to get it to look like it fits him. That will take way to much time to do for multiple panels and poses so I won't be using it when the time comes. I just wanted to see how he looked in a dress. What would be ideal would be to find some conforming clothes or dynamic clothes designed for crossdressers, that is, dresses and lingerie that would fit on male characters. The market for that must be too small for content creators to bother with, though I think they might be surprised at how popular those items would be.


  1. I am very eager to see what will happen in Chapter 2. :)